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DAVE: Last night and this weekend

Komentáře: 0 • Autor: Adminmd • 19.03.05 - 18:24 DAVE: Last night and this weekend
Dave Mustane napsal:

Droogies and She-wolves!

Last night I went with Pam, Trevor Davis, and his day-2-day guy Andrew, to go see this dude named Jon Brion at Largos up in LA. What a trip!! It was absolutely genius, but really frightening at the time too, because he was such a mad genius. I would recommend if you are open to anything besides shredding, and you are in LA on a Friday night, go see this possessed man.

I have received the CD of the finalists for the BandMerch contest and will be reviewing the songs today. Keep your fingers crossed.

I am grateful that y'all have stopped with all of the "petition" threads, the so very gay "Clamato" threads, and the "come to BFE" threads. It just "brings the monk down" to see all of the effort your making and that it prolly won't help to keep on about it now. The tours and routing for Japan and Australia are set. There is no other shows down there; we come back to the states immediately following Australia. I have already explained this a few times and it isn't registering with some of ya. Trust me, I am bummed about it too, but let's move on now, shall we?

The European dates are coming in, but there are too many countries for the amount of time I gave my word to my family I would be away from them. This does not mean that I won't return later, like maybe next year, but it all remains to be seen.

The best thing to do is watch the Killing Road page and know that I desire to play everywhere, but can only do one show at a time. If Megadeth were really in such demand, then we would be there. But realistically, one Droog posting "come to Antarctica! - we love you down here" doesn't sway the brain trust to get in an Ice Cutter and head South.

So for now, I am going hunting Icebergs again with Electra and Justis on the California coast surfing today. I really should get a full suit but I know the day I do, the water will get a tropic gulf stream and the temps will go up to vest weather.

I turned in the "thanks" for the "Greatest Hits" record yesterday and I hope you like the artwork; I think it is kewl! (but what do I know). I also met with Kevin Flaherty about finishing off the DVD and whatnot and we are really close.

Lastly, I am going to be posting less again, as I have to get ready for the tour, and that takes up a tremendous amount of time. Just know I love you all and will miss seeing you everyday.

Love and Bruises

Stručný překlad:

Děkuji, že si již více nepíšete o další koncerty na Japonsko-australském turné. Jak jsem již psal, nejde to změnit. Berte to teď jak to je, vždyť to neznamená, že se neuvidíme příští rok. Po Austrálii se ihned vracíme do států.

Konečně snad bude jasné, kdy a kde budou evropské koncerty, ale je tak hodně států, že se to nedá v tom časovém limitu (dal jsem slyb mé rodině, že nebudu pryč více jak měsíc) stihnout. Opět to ale neznamená že se opět nevrátíme, třeba příští rok, ale to se ještě uvidí.

Sledujte teď sekci "Koncerty", věřte, že bych rád hrál všude, kde si o nás řeknete, ale nejsem si jiist, když někdo z Vás napsal "přijeďte na ANTARKTIDU, tady Vás máme moc rádi", jestli se tam do té Ledové země vydáme.

Obal na Greatest Hits album je opravdu pěkný, (i když, co já vím). Také jsem se setkal s Kevin Flaherty a připravované DVD je skoro u konce.

No a protože se teď musím připravovat na další turné, nebudu už teď tolik psát, ale chci Vám říct, mám Vás rád a budete mi chybět.