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Here is the news:

    Megadeth begins recording new album in the UK!
    The band started work in a studio outside of London today with Producer Jeff Balding. Recording is planned to go on over the next two weeks with Director Michael Sarna (Of Mice And Men video) filming the process. Exclusive clips will be available to FanClub members. This is to be Megadeth's 11th studio album to date! Sarm Studios

04-24-2006: Glen Drover

    We are now on day 7 of recording here in england and everything is going very well. Shawn is recording a drum track as a write this letter to you, which will be his 6th track to complete.
    Last night i had completed 2 guitar tracks, which i am very happy with.
    not only with my performance, but the guitar tone is awesome!
    As far as bass, James has completed 5 tracks, so we are all in good shape for sure.
    Aside from all of this, we are all enjoying the studio very much here in England
    and of course, recording the new Megadeth album!

    talk soon


04-29-2006: Shawn Drover
    As I write this, I have completed the drum tracks for the new Megadeth record, which I have to say I am pleased with the results. I had 1 of John Bonham's drum kits ( YES, you did read that correctly ) incorporated in with my drum set which made for some interesting drum passages in certain songs. All in all, I had a good time doing these drum tracks.

    Brian Tatler From Diamond Head dropped by the studio today, which was a nice suprise - He is such a great guy, as are all the guys in DH, so it was great to see him again. We played him 1 of the new tunes, to which he gave his nod of approval - A good sign in my book.

    This entire studio adventure here in rural England has been a real positive experience for all of us - we are all in good spirits and are certainly enjoying the creative process that is the next Megadeth record.


04-30-2006: Michael Sarna
    Hello from SARM recording studios just outside of London. I have been here with the guys filming them make the new album, and I can tell you, you are in for one great new album! I have had the privilege of working with some great bands over my career but I have to tell you all that the past 2 years that I have had with Megadeth is been nothing short of amazing! And on this trip having the chance to see Dave, James, Shawn and Glen create music for the first time is incredible. I will have some small videos sent to the web master sometime today to post at the fan club so you can see the boys at work making the music we all love!

    All My Best! Michael Sarna

05-01-2006: James LoMenzo
    Howdy Megadeth friends and family,

    Thought I'd take a moment out and say a big hello to you all from the studio out here in beautiful Hooks End and let you know how fantastic everything's been going. Shawns drum tracks are complete and they're just stunning! Big and bold thanks to Jeff Baldings skilled engineering. I'm really digging the bass tones he's dialing up for me as well. Jeff's got a great combination of old school and new technology experience that really suits Megadeth. I've got 2 more tracks of bass and my parts are pretty well done, then I'm off to the London Guitar Show at this weeks end to support my friends at Ashdown Engineering (the fellows who make my great bass amps). If you're at the show stop on by, I'd love to meet you.

    That's all for now,


05-01-2006: Dave Mustaine
    Droogies and She-Wolves!

    This is the penultimate day in the studio, and I have been very secretive about where we are/were/are going to be regarding this recording because I knew I would want to invite some of you and that eventually word would get back to the boards about the songs.

    Having said that, I wasn’t sniffing around the other guys posts and stuff because I have my hands full with the creation of the next Megadeth record. I found out that Glen, Shawn, and James have all been keeping you in the loop. But you know me; I wanted to share this time with you in some way, other than text and the thought came to have Michael Sarna come over and film the entire process. I met Michael and he agreed, and we are hopefully going to release something surrounding the making of “****** ************”.

    Now, I had Michael send three brief clips over for the fanclubbers, and did the same with some snippets of myself, as well as one last time before we leave here. And I am back at the place where I was writing 100% Megadeth riffs for myself and not a label, a bandmate, or for radio anymore. I am not going to say what it sounds like, because that’s like explaining an orgasm to a virgin (excluding kiyardo, who suggests he was a masturbating virgin until nearly 27 or so), or trying to tell a blind person that the Mona Lisa really is an ugly woman by the time you stand in line 6 hours to see her at the Louver.

    And to be blunt, I don’t want to deal with anyone saying, “Dave said, 'its RIP2',” because it ain’t!

    Now for something completely different: some flesh for you little hungries!

    This record will come out hopefully before Gigantour 2 and at least by the end of this year.

    We have dates on the horizon, starting around August or September, with a possible festival appearance, and some out of NA Gigantouring at the end of the year.

    Shawn did record on some of John Bonham’s old drums and the union is complete between Megadeth and Led Zeppelin.

    I choose this studio so that I would be out of my environment and focused, but haven’t really played a thing.

    This is lead guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd's previous home, whom also considered using the name Megadeath.

    The house and studio is beautiful yes, but also supposedly haunted, and I have fallen three times here, and can’t tell you how, or why I fell, I just did. And I never fall down!

    There is a headstone in the basement of all places.

    Thanks to all of the wonderful staff of SARM Hook End near Reading UK, to the owners and management of the studio, and the Phillippa the Chef

    So, that is it for now. I will be leaving for the airport Wednesday and may see some of you on my way home. And like I said, G2 info coming very soon! We will be taking most of the rest of the month off and starting back up with overdubs in L.A. at the end of the month.

    A huge thanks to Jeff Balding, the fifth Megadeth member practically, my personal and business managers who worked so hard to get us over here at a moments notice, to our usual stage manager TJ Rodriguez who handled all of the guitar and bass teching, and to Dave McRobb and Michael Sarna for filming and editing the Megafanclubber’s film clips. There will be more over the course of the next day or so, as we get ready to leave.

    Lastly, I just asked Jeff if I could talk to him about one last thing before we left.

    I have a surprise for you

    COG2 –COG Intl.

05-06-2006: Shawn Drover
    I am now back home from Sarm/Hook end studio - I had a great time while recording in Oxfordshire, England, and I would like to thank Trever Horn and the entire staff at Hook End Manor for totally taking care of us and making us feel so confortable and welcome!!

    At this point I will reveal that all drum and bass tracks are completed for the new Megadeth record, as well as Glen finishing up 4 guitar tracks - The rest of the record will be recorded at a different location. We are in very good shape at this point of the game.

    Yesterday I reached the dreaded age of 40, which to many is some sort of milestone in their life - to me, it was just 1 more year past - I certainly dont feel any different, but I did get that kick ass Callaway Golf bag that I wanted. My sister-in-law did pollute my entire yard with "turning 40" novelties at 4AM, much to my total dismay and embarrassment.. I have to admit though, she certainly was dedicated... ( by the way, she is 46!!!! )

    Life does not suck!!!!!!!!!


05-12-2006: Glen Drover
    Hello there!

    Hope you are all well! For myself, I have started working in my recording studio for solo patterns on the album, just so i can get a feel for the sections.
    I will continue to do this for the next few weeks, before i travel to Cali to record for the album. Can't wait!
    As most of you probably know, drums and bass have been completed for the new album, which turned out great. Next is guitar mania!!

    Talk to you again soon....

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